Matadura d.o.o. manufactures zinc protectors of all kinds. We can produce everything according to your particular need.


If the steel is in contact with electrolytes (sea and freshwater), corrosion will occur. Corrosion cannot be avoided between steels and other metals that make solid electrical contact. Therefore, cathodic protection is an ideal method of protection.

Sacrificial anodes are made of high purity zinc, electric potential 110 mV el. capacity 780 Ah / kg and consumption 4 mg / h

  • Fe – 0,001%
  • Pb – 0,006%
  • Cd – 0,004%
  • Cu – 0,005%
  • Al – 0,1 %
  • Zn – the rest

Sacrificial anodes are used to protect ballast tanks, tanker hulls, bulk carrier hulls, specialized ships, drilling platforms, dry docks, yachts, etc.

All types of sacrificial anodes are standardized, and we are able to make custom types at the request of the customer.

Matadura is certified by the Bureau Veritas classification society.

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