When a fire breaks out, it’s too late to think about prevention. The only thing we can do is be ready for a fire at all times.

How to fight a fire?

The solution is to install fire extinguishing systems that activate in the right place and at the right time. We proudly present Bonpet fire extinguishing devices and systems, which extinguish fires exclusively with Bonpet liquid. This liquid is unique and used in many markets globally; it has a great fire extinguishing effect with very little liquid and a unique property that simultaneously extinguishes the fire’s energy and lowers the fire’s temperature.

We are authorized designers, installers, and service technicians of stable BONPET systems. They can be implemented in broad branches of the economy, but most often in the electrical, IT, chemical, and oil industries, as well as in warehouses, ships, hotels, catering, medical facilities, public institutions, etc.

The Advantages of Bonpet:

  • It can be placed in any place, including hard-to-reach areas in the traditional way of extinguishing.
  • Bonpeti are placed individually or networked in groups to protect the entire space; thus, the size of the protected area ceases to be a limiting factor.
  • The tank should not be exposed to fire, but the detectors are placed in the zone of an increased possibility of fire outbreak.
  • The fire is extinguished in its initial state within a few seconds, automatically and autonomously, without human intervention or the use of additional mediums.
  • It works effectively regardless of the presence of man, the source of electricity, and other factors that could affect the activation of their scheduling.

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