Matadura Ltd is producing zinc protectors of all kindes. We can produce anything according to your specific order.

Steel undergoes a chemical change known as rusting/corrosion when in contact with electrolytes (sea and fresh water). The corrosion cannot be avoided between steel and other various metals which make strong electric contact. That is why cathode protection is an ideal method of protection. Sacrificial anodes are made of high strength zinc of 100 mV electrical potential, 780 Ah/kg capacity and 4mg/h wear.

Chemical composition:

• Fe - 0,001%

• Pb - 0,006%

• Cd - 0,004%

• Cu - 0,005%

• Al - 0,1 %

• Zn - what remains


Sacrificial anodes are used for protection of ballast tanks, tanker hulls, bulk carrier hulls, specialised vessels, drilling rigs, dry docks, yachts etc.


All types of sacrificial anodes are standardized, and we are also able to produce special types if our clients order them.


Matadura company has the certificate of Bureau Veritas classification society.


Matadura’s production site for zinc protectors is situated in Dugopolje – industrial area, 10 km from Split, near the highway junction Split.