VAP-Bonpet is a fire-fighting pyrotechnical device for an automatic fire extinguishing.


The dispersion of a chemical agent-liquid „Bonpet“, which is located in the tank extinguishes fire effectively. The dispersion is activated by one or more detectors which react to various combustion products (fire elements).


The detectors can be of various types depending on the type of a combustion material which is located in the protected area or on the combustion product which shows first, which is activated by occurring of one or more of combustion products and when the combustion products exceed the limit value.

Apart from the activation by the detector the activation can be caused also manually by an electric signal connected by wires or wireless.


• It is possible to install it at any place, including hardly reachable places to a classic way of extinguishing.

• VAP-Bonpets are installed individually or connected in groups in order to protect the whole area, and in that way the size of the protected area ceases to be a limiting factor.

• The tank should not be placed within the reach of fire, but the detectors are located in the zone of the increased fire risk or occurrence of some of the fire elements.

• The fire is extinguished in its initial state within a few seconds automatically and autonomously, without a human intervention or engagement of additional means.

• It acts effectively regardless of the human presence, power source and other factors which might, by their failure, influence the activation.




VAP-BONPET is used for extinguishing of the fire class A and B and under electrical power potential (according to HRN EN 2) in closed spaces.

• VAP-BONPET 1.00 kg extinguishes fire in the space up to 10 m³.

• VAP-BONPET 1,50 kg extinguishes fire in the space up to 10 m³.

• VAP-BONPET 5,00 kg extinguishes fire in the space up to 20 m³.


VAP-BONPET is in the first place intended for the protection of transformers, electrical distribution racks, all types of electrical aggregates, GSM relay rooms, TV rooms and radio transmitters, IT center rooms, lift engine rooms, thermal stations, petrol pumps, inflammable goods warehouses, boats- ship engine rooms-speedboats, paint rooms, engine and load space of a truck, engines and passenger space of a bus, plastic processing, wood processing, tunnels, hotels, kitchens, archives, offices etc., it can be practically used at any place.