The firm ‘Matadura d.o.o.’ was founded in 1995 in Split, the city of a very long tradition of shipbuilding. ‘Matadura d.o.o. is a licensed service for the engines MAN, VOLVO, PENTA, CARTERPILLAR, YANMAR, MARINE POWER, STEYR MOTORS, the service of the generators KOHLER MASE, CATERPILLAR, WESTERBACHE, the service of the movable ship reducers ZF, TWINDISC, and the service of the desalinization machine SEA RECOVERY, and for all of these categories we offer a service of maintenance.

‘Matadura d.o.o.’ also produces cink protectors, it offers services of founding by chockfast and gives services of automatic fire protection by vap-bonpet.

Services that we offer for the ship systems are the following:

• Electronic remote control running of the engine

• Electro-hydraulic system

• Hydraulic remote control running of the engine

• Prow and stern thrusters (installing and mending)

• Anchor gear (electric and manual)

• Equipment for storage batteries and generating unit

• Pressure water systems

• Tanks for cleansing of the diesel fuel

• Tanks for purging of the liquid waste

• Exhaust systems for the ships of high performance

• Fixing of the ship’s operating screw/propeller and axis systems

• Steering of air-condition

• Refrigerators and cubers


In our movable workshop a highly qualified and authorized team is waiting for your call.

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